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Slide Enquire Now! All in One Tool for Schools With Curriculum Planning Teaching and Learning Parent Communication Student Portfolio Assessment & Reporting Slide Enquire Now! We understand and go by the philosophy that every school and their learners are unique in their own respect, their requirement is different from any other industry and a mere ERP cannot support them in full. We believe in a diverse range of products and features to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. Used by Top International Schools Welcome to MySchoolOne We support any curriculum like IB, IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, State Boards, The British School Foundations and many more. Request for Demo
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One School One Software

Used by top International schools

MySchoolOne Software

With the wide array of experience of our School Management Consultants around the world, we help schools to implement the right school management software features tailored to the unique needs of the schools.

Our Technology

MySchoolOne is built on technology that minimizes the cost for our customers while measurably improving performance and security of data, and giving them peace of mind. It also enables schools to manage across different departments seamlessly.


Helps schools communicate with their community in entirely new ways. It ensures child safety first by providing information to the right people at the right time such as attendance or communicating with parents and guardians on all the activities done at school.


Syncs easily with any access control system, accounting software, vehicle tracking systems/GPS, payment gateways, Google API’s, and most of the third-party integration, which makes us the best one-stop-solution for all your needs.

We Understand You

We understand how difficult the experience of selecting and installing a School management software package can be. You might have a question, “Who will convert all my data, configure the software to fit my school needs, and answer my Teachers’ questions?” WE WILL!

Should you have a question along the way, our state-of-the-art tech support sees exactly what you see and works with you in your desired format: phone, online, fax or email. All updates to the software are automatic and are included in your low monthly subscription fee, so there are never any additional modules to buy or additional revision releases to pay for.

What We Do?

  • Our conversion team converts your data
  • Sets up the software according to your school’s requirements
  • Trains your faculty and staff
  • Conducts a parents login orientation program
  • Connects all the stakeholders to share the right information with the right people of your school

What You Need To Do?

  • Sign up for Myschoolone
  • Send us all your current data, in whatever form it is
  • Share your current reports and grading systems
  • Share your event calenders
  • Start using Myschoolone

MySchoolOne Software

School Management Software

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MySchoolOne Student Management Module

Helps Educational Institutions in capturing all the information right from Enrollment till Graduation.

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MySchoolOne's Virtual Classroom module

Helps educational institution by enabling students to engage with the lesson material through online mode.

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I can't thank you enough for how you have helped us. He has made much progress.



MySchoolOne is used by top International Schools


Provides information to the right people at the right time


It gives the schools an extra edge to manage across different departments