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About MySchoolOne

MySchoolOne is a School Management Software framework which enables us to deliver School Management Software services to Educational Institutions. MySchoolOne is a complete School Administration and Management Software. It helps Schools and Educational Institutions to manage their entire schools’ administrative data such as Staff Details, Fee Collection, Payments. It also helps to manage non-administrative information such as Student Information, Attendance, Classes, Sections, Marks Cards etc., in the web based application.

MySchoolOne Policy on configuring curriculum management for Educational Institutions

MySchoolOne Team encompasses a team of people who have expertise in Curriculum of various educational boards like IB, Cambridge, CBSE, ICSE, and American Curriculums. MySchoolOne’s FrameWork is designed in such a way to enable Schools to design their Curriculum Management Interface with various data points as per their respective workflow. Our Consultants help School to design the same.
MySchoolOne does not own any licenses to bring in any interfaces or forms, curriculum and assessment information, all these interfaces are configured for each School exclusive in line with the discussion we have with the School.
All information like files, course guides, materials which are stored in MySchoolOne are property of the respective Schools which use MySchoolOne.
MySchoolOne is not a subsidiary, employee or affiliate of any educational board and no education board endorse any software companies, including ours.