Key Benefits


Manages all school informations like Student, family and staff demographics and information Courses and classes in one integrated, real-time database.

  1. Helps the school operate more efficiently by automating.
  2. Eliminating Unnecessary Paperwork.
  3. System Integration allows to access information on real time basis.
  4. High level data security.
  5. Manage extensive security and password protection for granting rights to information.


Easy & Quick handling of routine activities like Student Records, Class Schedule, Timetable, Reports, Attendance, Assessment, Lesson Planning.

  1. Saves Lot of Time.
  2. Automatically calculates term averages grades etc..
  3. Can perform their activities from anywhere / any time on the Web.
  4. Prepares Report Cards.
  5. E-mails


MySchoolOne connects each and every department of the School for better information sharing and fast retrieval of information to help in prompt decision making by the School Management.

  1. Monitor and interact with their group of Schools.
  2. View key information on real time basis via dashboards.
  3. Manage and track overall performance of Students and Teachers.
  4. Enables to Handle Multiple Curriculum.


Easy access to child's Grades, Attendance, Fee Status, Exam Schedule,Announcements etc., from office or home through e-mails/ auto-sms.

  1. Stronger parental Involvement.
  2. Provides all kinds of Information pertaining to their child's via the MySchoolOne.
  3. Receive SMS and Emergency Alerts from School.
  4. Monitor and Interact with the school on a day to day basis.
  5. Enhanced communication with school.


One School One Software


Other Features

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