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Virtual Classroom

MySchoolOne's Virtual Classroom module

MySchoolOne’s Virtual Classroom module helps educational institution by enabling students to engage with the lesson material through online mode.


Now adding the E-lesson with the MySchoolOne Virtual Classroom feature, you can take your School Teaching completely virtually. Schedule Virtual Classes for your students and enable them to join the Class via their Student or parent log in

  1. The School Administrator can Barge-In to the active Virtual Classroom for monitoring on a real-time basis
  2. The Teachers can Video Chat with their respective class students
  3. The Teachers Can Share Videos from Video Repository in MySchoolOne, Vimeo, YouTube and other online sources.
  4. Share a White Board.
  5. Answering buzzers for Students to answer a question asked during the online session.
  6. Chat feature to chat with students during the online session.
  7. Share presentations.
  8. Share Screen.
  9. Recording the Session.
  10. Virtual Parent Teachers Meetings and appointment Scheduler.