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Grade Book

MySchoolOne's Grade Book module

MySchoolOne’s Gradebook module helps educational institution in assessing Student even when the examination board keep changing the assessment pattern

Grade Book & Report Cards

The Gradebook module is one of the flag ship modules in MySchoolOne. Any educational institution irrespective of their curriculum, course or stream can use MySchoolOne’s Gradebook. To cater to this diverse needs of different curricula, the Gradebook module in MySchoolOne is designed in such a way that educational institutions can accommodate any kind of grading methods.

Grading Method Supported

  • Rubrics Based
  • Skills Based
  • Criterion Based
  • Points Based
  • Exam Based


  • Access to Coordinators to Moderate on Comments
  • Workflow for Coordinators to supervise the Gradebook Entry by Teachers
  • Freeze/unfreeze
  • Remark bank
  • Grade boundary
  • Skill/exam/rubric configuration
  • Auto calculation
  • Report card configuration
  • Interface with Student and parent portals
  • Comprehensive data analytics of student progress
  • Extensive report and custom templates

The Gradebook module in MySchoolOne helps institutions in assessing students even if the examination board keeps changing the assessment pattern. Any kind of reports can be generated in the system based on user access. All the assessment reports can be viewed in an analytical form.