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Appointment Scheduler

MySchoolOne's Appointment Scheduler module

MySchoolOne’s Appointment Scheduler module helps educational institution by setting up virtual parent teachers meetings.


  1. Virtual Parent Teachers Meetings and appointment Scheduler.
  2. The Homeroom Teachers can configure time slots for them to have a meeting with the parent.
  3. The Homeroom Teachers can also configure the number of Parents they want to meet per session and how many breaks they need and the duration of each meeting.
  4. The scheduled meeting can either be a Virtual or a Personal meeting.
  5. The parents can choose the slots available.
  6. In case if this is a Virtual meeting, the parents can log in to the parent login and join the meeting with the respective teacher, the meeting will start and end at the specified time automatically.
  7. The Teachers and Parent meeting will be a video conference.
  8. The Teachers and Parents can enter their comments after the meeting is over which can be referred to during the next Parent-Teacher meeting.