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MySchoolOne's Admission module

MySchoolOne’s Admission module helps Educational Institutions in managing the Admissions through Graduation process

Lead Management/ Enquiry

Lead management organizes the enquiries from various lead sources like School Websites, Social Media, Marketing Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other media like News Paper Advertisements, TV, Radio Advertisements, Hoardings, Events, and Road Shows. MySchoolOne enables Educational Institutions to exactly measure the ROI on each of the above-mentioned Campaigns.

Lead To Enrolment

MySchoolOne enables the admission team to screen all the enquiries via all the Campaigns to check and authenticate the enquiry and push them to the Enrolment Process.

Enrolment Process

Every Educational has the ability to configure the workflow and governance around the workflow and define the enrolment process for their Institution.

Interview with the Principal

  1. Entrance Exam: cleared/ Not cleared.
  2. Registration Fee Payment: Paid/ Not Paid.
  3. Approved By Principal: Approved/ Pending.
  4. Fee Collection: Paid/ Not Paid.

Once all the required Enrolment Process are completed, only then the Student gets Enrolled in the respective Classes or Courses.

Graduation/ Withdrawal

Similar to the enrolment, the exit procedure is also taken through a process of Work Flow and Similar Governance.

Clearance From:

  • Library
  • Fee Collection
  • Lab
  • Sport Department


Certificate Issuance:

  • Bonafide Certificate: Issued/ Not Issued
  • Graduation Certificate: Issued/ Not Issued
  • Transfer Certificate: Issued/ Not Issued
  • Conduct Certificate: Issued/ Not Issued

Document Upload:
Any Documents related to Student Demography can be uploaded.